Ahad, Ogos 08, 2010

"By the time! Verily man is loss "


if i were to ask you what time it is, you would probably look at a watch and tell me what the watch says because this seems like a perfectly innocent and easy question to answer. But, if i werw to ask you what time it really is, you'd quickly realize that the first answer is defective because it is based on social convention most of us have adopted without question or good reason.

So what time is it really? The answer to that question will depend on our understanding of what time itself is, so what is time?

Now, regardless of what it is, if time had a beginning, then the time now would simply be a function of how much has passed since the beginning of time.

In Islam things should be categorized according to their level of importance. Every Muslims used to capture every moment of their time. The Quran and the Sunnah make it clear that time is very valuable. Almighty Allah says : "By the time! Verily man is loss (Demi Masa, sesungguhnya manusia berada di dalam kerugian) ( Al-Asr: 1-2). The Sunnah of the Prophet and blessing be upon him, is also a rich record of many Hadis that acknowledge the value of time and confrim the responibility of man on how he maintains it,

A muslim should learn how to organize his time, and make a realistic plan for his worldly and religions, duties, without any of them overlapping the other.