Sabtu, Februari 25, 2012

[ gambar sangat jelas ] Anjing Lahirkan Anak Manusia Di Brazil

Semua penduduk di Umbaúba, Brazil sangat terkejut apabila seekor anjing melahirkan anak hampir 99% adalah seperti manusia..Persamaan ini meliputi badan, kaki dan alat sulit menyerupai bayi yang ibu-ibu lahirkan.

The city's population of Umbaúba, Brazil was impressed and shocked: the birth of offspring of a dog with human looks. Of the five puppies born, one that was born dead, had human hands and feet, besides the male genital organ

" According to the veterinarian John Farias, this is probably a genetic anomaly. "It is a disorder of chromosome at the time of formation of the fetus, which call Neoformacao Genetics, nothing more than that. There is the possibility that fetus has been generated from a sexual relationship of a man with a dog, because his sperm is totally different from the animal. The only chromosome that is similar to that of humans is the primate, anyway, it is impossible to fertilization, "he explained." Well, I dont doubt that things like this could happen because so many people have sex with dogs though. If that was true pity the dogs, being raped but cudn't do a thing to defend themselves...

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