Ahad, Mac 04, 2012

[ cool ] Gaya Rambut Yang Sungguh Pelik Di Dunia

Avoid These Horrid Haircuts

The Comb Over

Don't stare directly at it, you'll be sucked into the sadness.

The most confusing mullet ever

Scene Kid multi-colored beehive

This is the sort of haircut that puts epileptics at risk for seizures.

Reverse Mohawk

The Electric Wave

"Shit Head"

Har har, dude. I can see you're a funny guy because you're one part self-deprecating humor and the rest terrible puns.

The E.T. Phone Home

She does this because she wants everyone to know she's an individual who takes pride in making other people uncomfortable.

The Skunk Chunk

Under all that hair product is just your typical teenager who loves shitty music.


I am hoping this hair is part of a Dr. Seuss movie wardrobe.

The Prisoner

He's a prisoner in his own body.

90's Prom Hair

Lion's Mane

AKA the hairy headband.

Whatever is going on here

Blowout 2.0

This haircut is a cross between a blowout and something you'd see at a Korn concert.

The Mustache

Two mustaches are definitely not better than one.

The Crown of Curls

Terribly matted dreadlocks

There aren't enough words to describe how put off I am by this mass of hair.

Hitler Chic

This haircut is best left to never. No, not even ironically.

The "most things Lady Gaga wears on her head"

that are all extremely phallic or directly taken from "Earth Girls Are Easy".

Literal Rat tail

Just, ew.

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