Selasa, Mac 06, 2012

[ gambar ] Lelaki Tendang Teman Wanita Di Tengah Jalan Hingga Pengsan

# 1

wow, domestic violent on the street, this dumb Chinese has beaten up his girl friend badly on the street where closes to the station. There are thousand of reasons for a couple to argue about but no matter which reason it is, who is wrong and right, real man never uses violence to solve problem, either beating or kicking his girlfriend is totally wrong.

The conflict starts and they are fighting

# 2

She is sure weaker than him, he tries to strangle her neck and looks like he wins

# 3

When she starts to feel unconcious he tries to kick off her body, what a cruel man to kick and beat an unconcious girl, and she is not his stranger, she is his girlfriend. The thing is no body on the street gets involved to stop the man, they just watch and leave it like that

# 4

He then checks out if she is dead or to be sure that she gives up

# 5

# 6

But....once he finds out she is still breathing he continues kicking her again, a pedestrian walks by the scene but just looks as if it is normal

# 7

# 8

Someone on the road might call the ambulance, that's sad to see something like this happens on the str

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