Isnin, Mac 05, 2012

[ OMG] 66 Year old Swiss Woman gives birth to Twins

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland’s record for the oldest mother, according to Sonntags Blick, is a 66-year-old woman, a pastor, who gave birth to twins at the Coire, Graubuenden hospital.

The hospital confirmed the birth to Le Matin, but is respecting the mother’s wish for privacy. She reportedly sought fertility treatments in Ukraine and she plans to raise her sons alone in the Graubuenden village of 1,300 where they live.

Le Matin reports that at least four mothers over age 60 have given birth in Switzerland in the past five years, noting that fertility treatments are limited to donated sperm.

The previous record in Switzerland was held by a woman who was 64 when she had a baby girl, while reports suggest that the world's oldest mother is an Indian woman who gave birth to a pair of twins at the age of 70.

Switzerland twins baby

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