Sabtu, Mei 19, 2012

5 year old Artist already made $150,000 from her paintings

She might only be five, but finger painting is clearly child's play to young artist Aelita Andre.
The little girl, from Melbourne in Australia, has been described as the 'world's youngest professional artist' after earning more than $150,000 from her paintings.

Her work has already featured in two exhibitions and it is about to be displayed in a third, at a gallery in New York next month.

Painting since the tender age of two, Aelita's cheapest works are selling for more than $4,000 each and it is estimated she has already made more than $150,000 from her art more money than most professional artists earn in a lifetime.

The money she earned so far has been put into a trust fund by her parents, Russian-born mother Nikka Kalashnikova and Australian father Michael Andre.
Nikka said she quickly realised her daughter's approach and technique was different to other children play painting.

While most of her paintings now retail for between around $5,000 and $10,000 it was a picture of the Russian Mir space station that set her record price of $24,000 in Hong Kong.

young picassoaelita andre has earned more from her paintingsage fivemost professional artists lifetime
global successaelita work has already featured two exhibitions and about displayed thirdgallery new yorknext month
compositioncolour and concentrationaelita mother said she quickly realised her daughter approach and techniquedifferent other children play painting
displaysome aelita paintingslike thesehave already been exhibited new york
displaysome aelita paintingslike thesehave already been exhibited new york
painting sinceage twoaelita cheapest worksselling for moreeach

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