Selasa, Ogos 28, 2012

49 year old Woman gives Birth to her Grandson

A 49-year-old northern Maine woman kept her word to act as a surrogate mother, and has given birth to her grandson.

Linda Sirois of Madawaska, carried and delivered baby Madden Hebert, because her daughter Angel Hebert, 25, has a heart condition which would make pregnancy unsafe.

Seven pound, 14 ounce baby Madden was born Aug. 13. His mother says he's 'eating like a champ and he doesn't fuss too much.'
linda siroislefther daughters angel hebertback leftand kristal sirois duval posekristal child and baby madden
Linda Sirois (left) her daughters Angel Hebert (back left) and Kristal Sirois Duval pose with Kristal's child and baby Madden
mother child
Madden Hebert rests with his mom, Angel Hebert, right, and his grandmother, Linda Sirois. Sirois carri
angel hebert and her mother linda sirois just before she gave birth her baby
Angel Hebert and her mother Linda Sirois just before she gave birth to her baby

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