Jumaat, Ogos 31, 2012

Video of police shooting and killing of Robber released,

A report from the Sedgwick County district attorney's office says three Wichita police officers were justified in using deadly force against a knife-wielding man during a robbery last fall. 

Dejuan Colbert, 28, died at a hospital after he was shot by officers who had responded to a robbery at a Dollar General store at 2427 West Pawnee. Colbert raised a knife and rushed at an officer when he was shot during that failed robbery on Oct. 30.

Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston issued a report saying officers were reasonable and justified in using deadly force. Her report is based on testimony from store employees and the officers who were called to the scene, as well as surveillance video from the store.

Foulston's report said Colbert raised a knife and advanced toward an officer, getting within inches of the officer. Foulston said in the report that the actions of the three officers did not constitute an unlawful use of force under state law, and Colbert's actions "clearly posed a deadly and imminent threat to the officers and the civilian employees inside the Dollar General store."

Two other suspects, ages 30 and 17, were arrested after the robbery.

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