Jumaat, Ogos 31, 2012

Fearless snapper captures death-defying drops (pics)

THIS is the heart-stopping moment adrenaline junkie Michael Tomchek plunged 400ft from the top of a cliff - before activating his parachute.
The image of the thrill-seeker hurtling to the ground from the top of Castleton Tower in the Moab Desert, USA, is just one of hundreds taken by fearless extreme sports photographer Krystle Wright.
The 25-year-old from Queensland, Australia, risked life and limb visiting more than 24 countries to document extreme sports athletes in action.

From a man hovering above the clouds in a wingsuit to another performing an impressive back flip off a cliff, she has seen it all.
Krystle has received multiple injuries in a bid to get the perfect picture, including internal bruising, tendon damage, two fractures, a torn ligament.

The dedicated snapper even needed ten stitches above her eye following a paragliding accident in Pakistan.
She said: “No doubt there is risk in what I do. The important thing is to keep yourself as safe as possible and try to take calculated risks but sometimes Mother Nature will reign supreme.

“The injuries I’ve sustained haven’t put me off one bit though.
“I think it’s incredibly important to learn and grow from it rather than letting it destroy you and put you off from your dreams and aspirations.”

Long way down ... a cliff jump shot by Krystle Wright

KrystleWright1Fearless ... Ben Lowe leaps from a sheer drop in the Moab Desert, Utah




KrystleWright6Speedy fall ... BASE jumper's leap in the Blue Mountains, Australia

KrystleWright7Dedicated snapper ... Krystle Wright

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