Jumaat, Ogos 31, 2012

Things are tough all over: luxury cars abandoned in Dubai

EXPATS fearing jail for being broke in Dubai are dumping luxury cars at its airport as they flee — including this £1million Ferrari Enzo left by a Brit.
Dozens of Jaguars, BMWs and Mercedes have been left with the keys in the ignitions by former millionaire owners who have been financially ruined by the economic crash. They have chosen to cut their losses and run back home rather than face potential jail sentences under Dubai’s strict debt laws.

More than 3,000 cars were abandoned last year — to be sold off by Dubai police or scrapped.
But even the authorities in the fabulously oil-rich state were stunned when the Enzo was left.

Only 399 of the 217mph six-litre supercars were built — and four up for sale in the UK are priced between £775,000 and £1.5million. Another Brit left a black Ferrari worth £118,000.

One expat said: “This place really was a gold mine until the gravy train hit the buffers.
“Guys who earned a fortune have seen it slowly slip away.

“If you are landed with a big bill, the danger is your financial plight will be exposed.
“Trying to sell your car to foot your bills is all well and good, but that takes time. It’s easier to simply scarper.”

Gathering dust ... £1m Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

Feeling blue ... Mercedes left in a sorry state

Yellow goodbye ... abandoned Nissan Skyline

luxurycarsabadoned4Audi do that? ... car gathers dust at airport




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