Jumaat, Ogos 31, 2012

Teenagers who clung on to back of bus branded 'dangerous and foolish'

A video of two teenagers clinging to a bus as it travels through a busy city centre has been slammed by safety campaigners.
The footage, apparently filmed for a “comedy” Facebook page called Perth Memes, shows one of the boys falling into the path of the car from which it is filmed.

Although the boy managed to narrowly escape injury, RoSPA Scotland branded the actions of the duo as “dangerous and foolish.” Kathleen Braidwood, road safety officer with RoSPA Scotland, said the boys’ behaviour could have caused a serious accident.

She added: “We would encourage teenagers not to give into peer pressure by copying this behaviour.” Donald Pover, community safety convener on Perth and Kinross Council, added: “It could very easily have had tragic consequences.”


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