Isnin, Ogos 20, 2012

Actor Shia LaBeouf's girlfriend Karolyn Pho just found out he has to do REAL sex scenes in new film?

Shia LaBeouf's girlfriend dramatically broke down in tears in the street today - just as it emerged the actor is set to take part in REAL sex scenes in his next movie.
Karolyn Pho, 23, looked visibly upset as she remonstrated with her boyfriend of almost two years in Los Angeles.

While it is not clear exactly what they were rowing about, the timing couldn't be more poignant.

doing whatshia labeouf girlfriend karolyn pho broke down into tearsstreet los angeles today

fumingtheir public row comes just shia revealed taking part real sex scenesnext movienymphomaniac

having outactorseen remonstratinggirlfriend almost two years

not taking lightlybut appeared become little exasperated himself
walking awayshia turns away pho crossed her arms looking devastated

all getting too muchshia raises handforehead

time makelaterpair calmed down over cigarette karolyn wrapped arm around him

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