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Artist builds stunning Olympic Park Lego replica from 250,000 bricks

An artist has honoured the greatest show on earth's arrival in London by creating a replica of the capital's Olympic Park - built entirely from Lego. 
Lego fanatic Warren Elsmore and a colleague spent over 300 painstaking hours building the astonishing tribute to the official Olympic complex using 250,000 bricks.

It features the Olympic Stadium where Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt dashed to 100m gold in 9.63 seconds to retain his title at the weekend.

Anish Kapoor's striking Orbit sculpture and the swooping roof of the Aquatics Centre have also been recreated by the freelance Lego artist.

'My colleague and I built the Olympic model over a three week period,' explained the 35-year-old.
'For this display, I planned very little in advance and most of the model was free built - simply by looking at pictures of the site and building what I see.

'Every brick we use is a standard Lego element, with no painting, gluing or non-Lego parts.'
The artist was commissioned by Lego to create something memorable in honour of this summer's Olympic Games.

His model will be on display at the Danish Village in St Katherine Docks until the end of the Olympics on August 12.
Olympic effort: Warren Elsmore's miniature version of the Olympic Park








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