Ahad, Ogos 26, 2012

Couple arrive for their wedding on Jet packs

These two lovebirds are really on an all time high.

Husband and wife Grant Engler and Amanda Volf have just tied the knot - in the world's first jet pack wedding

In the grandest of entrances the couple flew in to their ceremony each wearing a $100,000 Jetlev R200 water-powered jet pack system.

Landing on Newport Beach, California, they greeted their amazed wedding guests.

whatcall making entrancegrant engler arrives jet pack forwedding fiance amanda volf california

whatcall making entrancegrant engler arrives jet pack forwedding fiance amanda volf california

tyingknotnewly weds look happierever after being declared husband and wife following their unconventional service newport beachcalifornia

nice day forwet weddingwearing white veil and white surfing topmrs engler makes similarly spectacular landing her jet pack beginservice

amanda makes entrance

mrs engler gets gripsadrenaline inducing machine she prepares for her wedding

couple zoom acrossbay usingwater powered jet packsgroom flying higherbrideprefers skim acrosssurfacewater

mad marriagecouple holds hands registrar conductsservicewearing pair equally extravagant green glasses fit foroccasion

may kissbrideafter allsplashing aroundseacouple gethighlightceremony and sealceremonykiss

wedding picturemost peoplesurroundedornate architecture churchbut and mrs engler wedding picture willsea and wetsuits

still time for traditionnow mrs engler throws her bouquet relatives watchingservice

wedding dancecouple haveequivalent jet pack dancewatersound frank sinatra come fly

beaming bridemrs engler all smileswedding

beaming bridemrs engler all smileswedding

mrs engler posesher mother annainitially quite reluctant for her daughter married wearing jet packbut came roundidea after being assuredsafe

togethercouple stroll alongbeachgroomblack wetsuit and white bow tie

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