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Hotel Review: Rizqun International Hotel, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

The Rizqun International Hotel is a 5-star establishment located in the 'heart of Brunei's retail and entertainment district' and is fairly close to the airport. As it was my first time visiting Brunei, I really didn't know what to expect. The airport was small'ish and dated (though currently being refurbished) and the drive to the hotel was unremarkable. The hotel facade was also fairly conventional but it's only when you step inside that the hotel's 'charm' becomes clear.

The Rizqun is quite embellished with fancy chandeliers, generous use of rich wood panelling, and a sense of casino-style decadence just short of being elegant and borders on tasteful and tacky. However, you do feel an embrace of privilege and entitlement as soon as you step through the doors. I am not a fan of the reception desk though which gets you seated and you feel as if you're there applying for a loan from a bank. The customer should not be made to feel subservient to the counter staff I think.

Checking-in was alright but could really be speedier. Staff was courteous and a welcome letter was a nice touch though not environmentally friendly.

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