Rabu, Ogos 22, 2012

Pain in the Ass: Thief stopped by instant Karma

A thief Siyana Pasiwe, 32 had to be rushed to a local East London hospital after being impaled while attempting to run away from a crime scene.

Senior admin officer at the museum, Rod Botha, said the suspect broke down the back door to the museum. The alarm went off and the man apparently got a fright and ran aw

He climbed a tree and then attempted to jump over the fence. The suspect, however, lost his footing and was impaled by one of the spikes on the fence.

Fire department had to be called in to use angle grinders to cut the steel spike from the fence so that they could remove him.

Pasiwe was arrested and will appear in court as soon as he is fit enough to face trial.

fence thief
fence thief

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