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Losers: 8 Olympic badminton players kicked out of games for trying to Lose matches

The eight women involved in last night's badminton match-throwing scandal have been kicked out of the Olympics.

The women's tournament descended into farce in the evening session as four pairs all appeared to try to lose their matches in order to secure a favorable draw in the next round.

The top seeds from China, two pairs from South Korea and another from Indonesia have been disqualified from the tournament and will take no part in this evening's quarter-finals.

There were boos from the Wembley Arena crowd as the world class athletes repeatedly put serves into the net and failed to return simple shots on an embarrassing evening for the sport.

The Badminton World Federation immediately launched disciplinary proceedings, confirming all four pairs would face charges of 'not using one's best efforts to win a match' and 'conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport'
The disqualification was announced just before lunchtime today.
The four pairs had been due to play their last-eight matches in this evening's session at Wembley Arena but it is thought the schedule will now be reconstituted.

One possibility would be to allow the pairs who finished third and fourth in the groups behind the banished players to take their places in draw.

London 2012 chairman Lord Coe today condemned their questionable tactics but Locog said it would not refund tickets for the matches.

Asked about his own feelings about the play, Lord Coe said: 'Depressing. Who wants to sit through something like that?'

farcechina wang xiaoli and yang play against south korea jung kyung eun and kim
Two Chinese pairs including the world No. 1 women's pair of Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang a South Korean duo and an Indonesian pair played so badly, they were booed by the crowd.
victorskimleftand jung kyung eunrighteventually wondespite their best efforts
olympics daybadminton
combo photowomen doubles pair china wang and yangsouth korea jung and kimindonesia polii and jauhari and south korea and kim during their matches duringlondonoly
world doubles champions yangleftand wang xiaolichinawatchshuttlecock hitsduring their women doubles badminton match against south korea jung kyung eun and kim

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