Sabtu, September 08, 2012

A desk is as good as anywhere to take a nap for these sleepy Chinese schoolchildren

For most pupils having a crafty kip in class is enough to warrant a stern telling-off. But for these young Chinese children, a classroom snooze is not just allowed - it's encouraged. The little students of the Goaxin Number 1 Primary School live in Xi'an, in the Shaanxi province of western China.
As their buildings are too small to include dormitories and most of the pupils live too far away to go home for lunch, they take their traditional midday nap on top of their desks. Known as the wujiao, the half-hour nap is a familiar concept in schools across mainland China and Taiwan, and generally happens straight after lunch. 

Though the habit may look bizarre, teachers insist the children are happy with their sleeping situation.
As these pictures show, the pupils are small enough to curl up on top of their wooden tables, and most seem to have no trouble dozing off.

While some bring blankets, cushions or inflatable pillows to school, the majority simply hunker down on the desks in their shoes and day clothes.

'There is no time for them to go home and no room for beds so they use their desks,' said a school spokesperson. 

'They are perfectly comfortable - and there's no chance of them being late for class either.'






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