Ahad, September 09, 2012

Chinese farmer converts Top Gun fuel tank into home water heater

A resourceful Chinese farmer has converted a salvaged Top Gun fighter plane fuel tank into a 400-litre water heater. 
Thanks to a solar panel and simple thermostat, agricultural worker Feng Wang, now has enough hot water to bath his family of six.

A fan of all-things-military, Wang picked up the tank from a local recycling site after scraping together some loose change.

It was only later that he came up with the idea to turn the silver steel tank into a heater for his home in Yantai city, in east China's Shandong province.

'I have loved all things military since I did my service in the military. I always look around the recycling site as people leave some decent things there,' he explained.

'When I saw the plane part I knew I could put it to good use, I have always been good at building things. We never used to have hot water now I can supply my whole family with water.'
He added: 'I think it makes our house look pretty good too.'

The salvaged tank sits on top of farmer Feng Wang's home

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