Ahad, September 09, 2012

gambar-gambar suasana yg indah...

lukisan alam yg indah...
memberikan sejuta ketenangan yg sungguh
bermakna pada saya..

With Ash From The Volcano by Raymó
Forever Dreaming by Marc Adamus
snow paradise by ~mareika
Thors’ Well ©Miles Morgan
The View by Photonook
The Blessing of the Sun by Rui David
Silent Morning by Andre Arment
Storm Chase by Doug Roane
Shocking Bondi by Timothy Poulton
Painting Of Nature by Hardibudi
Rising Shadow by Karsten Wrobel
Painted Hills by Gale Rainwater
Midwinter Light by B. Neeleman
From another planet by Xavier Jamonet
Morning Impression by Luka Gorjup
Curtains In The Fog by Miles Morgan
Living Earth by Xavier Jamonet
Dobra voda by Tais
Follow The Flow by PhotoNook
Baltic Sea by Krzysztof Browko
Born In Krakatau by Nico Fredia

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