Ahad, September 09, 2012

[ Ya Allah ] Jom Lihat Gambar-gambar kawasan Antratika yang sungguh indah sekali..

Iceberg, Antarctica by Dave Walsh
Natural arch in a glacier at Norsel Point, Anvers Island.(Image credit: Glenn Grant/National Science Foundation)
Adelie penguins (Image credit: Patrick Rowe/National Science Foundation)
Brooks de Wetter-Smith’s photograph of an iceberg titled “Ice Tunnel”
Calkin Glacier located in the Taylor Valley in Victoria Land (Image credit: Brian Johnson/National Science Foundation)
Yeti by StormPetrel1
The Dry Valleys of Antartica – Rain-free for 2 million years and counting
Adelie Penguin Dive on Paulet Island, Antarctica by nick_russill
Icebreaker breaks through the annual sea ice near the Oates Coast of Antarctica (Image credit: Mike Usher/National Science Foundation)
sundog by august allen
Commonwealth Glacier in the Transantarctic Mountains (Image credit: Mike Embree/National Science Foundation)
Peep through the Iceberg by divedivajade
Hyperstatic by StormPetrel1
Church Iceberg by nick_russill
Icebreaking McMurdo Sound Antarctica
G146 by pratt
Midnight in Antarctica by pdvos
Penola Strait, Antarctica
Antarctica and The Falkland Islands by Art Wolfe Inc.
Aurora Australis at the South Pole by Euclid vanderKroew
White iceberg in Paradise Bay (Image credit: Michael A. Stecker)
Penguins (Image credit: Darrell Gylin)

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