Ahad, Julai 29, 2012

World's Biggest Traffic fine? Chinese driver gets $25 Million bill after his overloaded Truck Collapsed a Bridge

The driver, named by Chinese media only as Mr Zhang, was driving a truck filled with sand which was so overloaded that the concrete bridge collapsed when he took his lorry across it.

The local government near Beijing has put the blame solely on Mr Zhang and have sent him the bill to pay for the repairs.

The heavy bridge will cost $25 million to repair and the local government is expecting the driver to pay it all.

They say it was his fault that he had put too much sand in his truck last summer and that he must now pay the price for his actions.

Courts have come to the decision that the blame is solely on Mr Zhang's shoulders due to his overloading ways, Mr Zhang's defence so far seems to be that he was just doing what he was told by the trucking company.

‘It's unclear how, or even if, Mr Zhang is able to pay his 156 million RMB but we suspect that the bailiffs will have a hard time collecting.'

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