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[ cool ] "Milk Tea Girl " : Gadis ini menjadi terkenal kerana surat cinta di internet..[ 11 gambar ]

"Milk Tea Girl " : Gadis ini menjadi terkenal kerana surat cinta di internet..Seorang gadis yang langsung tidak dikenali tiba-tiba menjadi terkenal dan sensasi di China gara-gara sepucuk surat cinta dan sekeping gambar di internet. Gadis ini yang bernama Zhang Zetian. Dia menjadi terkenal semasa beliau belajar di Nanjing Foregin Languages School. Dia menjadi terkenal apabila ada seorang lelaki yang bernama "Pen Bag Boy" menulis surat cinta kepadanya apabila lelaki ini terpaut kepada kecantikan gadis ini yang dimuat turun di internet, dan pada masa tersebut gadis ini sedang minum "milk tea" di dalam kelasnya di Nanjing, China.
 Orang ramai yang membaca surat cinta ini berusaha mencari gadis ini hingga jumpa.

surat cinta daripada Pen Bag Boy :-

Love Letter
Hi! Please forgive my presumptuousness and abruptness. Even though you do not know me right now, I still want to be confident like you and tell you: I like you! You have the right to refuse my love, but you cannot show contempt for my love, because that is a heart that is sincerely beating for you.
I saw this photograph of you on the internet, and over the past few days, I’ve been paying attention to you more and more. Unwittingly, my obsession and adoration towards you became like the water in the Chang Jiang [Yangtze] river that comes from the sky and rushes swiftly out to the sea never to return [his attraction and love was unstoppable, could not be reversed ]!” Falling in love with you is my biggest glory, and a mediocre life from this point on is no longer ordinary. At this moment, any beautiful language is unable to express the obsession I have for you. That pure-hearted smile has already been deeply fixed in the center of my heart. It is almost New Year’s Day, so here I will first wish you a Happy New Year!
Also I just want to tell you: First is that I love you, second is also that I love you, and third is still that I love you…I love you…
Pen Bag Boy

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