Isnin, Julai 23, 2012

Daredevil makes mountain road descent wearing Body Armour equipped with 31 Skateboard Wheels

French 'Rollerman' daredevil Jean-Yves Blondeau, 42, slid down the roads on Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, in south China's Hunan province.
The suit, which he designed, has 31 rollerblade-like wheels on the torso, back, and most of the major joints, allowing him to ride in a number of positions at speeds of up to 70mph downhill.

Mr Blondeau sped down the 10.77 kilometre road, which boasts 99 hairpin turns, in just 19 mins 34 sec - giving him an average speed of roughly 33km/h (20mph).

Rolling part-way down the steep, tortuous mountain road, and part way down a specially installed metal track, he used his body to steer as he hurtled dangerously towards the finish.

He even felt confident enough to catch a little air from a jump set up near the bottom of the track, before crossing the finish line to exploding fire works.

It is just the latest stunt by Mr Blondeau, who has taken his suit - nicknamed Buggy Rollin' - down luge tracks, mountain roads and city streets across the world.

rollermanfrenchman jean yves blondeauroller suit slides down corner tianmen mountain zhangjiajiesouth china hunan province earlier today
fastblondeau suit has rollerblade like wheelstorsobackand mostmajor jointsallowing him ride number positions speeds mph downhill
blondeau sped downkilometre roadwhich boasts hairpin turnsjust mins secgiving him average speed roughlymph
justlatest stunt blondeauhas takensuitnicknamed buggy rollindown luge tracksmountain roads and city streets acrossworld
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