Isnin, Julai 23, 2012

Fisherman demonstrates swimming scissors

Indigenous to South American rivers, the flesh-eating specimens are feared for their row of sharp teeth used for rapid puncture and shearing.

But while the intrepid man in the video gets away unscathed, the very real danger of the fish is currently being felt in China where a man was attacked by a specimen far from home.

A sharp-snouted piranha attacked Zhang Kaibo while he was washing his dog in the Liu river in the south-west Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region of China.

The Chinese authorities have offered a £100 bounty to anyone who catches any of the piranhas, thought to have been released into the river by a tropical fisherman.

Authorities have trawled the river with a meat-baited net, but despite hauling 10kgs of fish they have yet to catch any.

zhang kaibo
Chinese man Zhang Kaibo needed stitches in his hand after three piranhas bit him as he washed his dog in the Liu river

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