Jumaat, Julai 27, 2012

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un marries the mystery woman spotted at his side

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has married, state media said on Wednesday, putting an end to speculation over the relationship with a woman seen at his side during a recent gala.
The announcement came just two weeks after Kim was seen at the performance accompanied by the woman, with rumours swirling as to whether she was his wife, lover or sister. State broadcaster KCNA named his wife as Ri Sol-ju but no information about who she is or how long the pair have been married was released.

Some observers in South Korea speculated she was a singer he dated years ago before his father put a stop to it, but who was now back on the scene. Recent TV footage showed the two laughing with each other and clapping while watching a performance featuring western show tunes and Mickey Mouse.

Pictures were released today of the couple visiting amusement park called People's Pleasure Ground, in Pyongyang. The handout, distributed by the state agency Korean Central News Agency is undated.

However it seems to be the latest move by the 20-something leader to rebrand his nation and follow the footsteps of his grandfather Kim Il-sung rather than his father Kim Jong-il who was seen as a cold but strong leader.

Research has found more women are wearing trousers, platform shoes and earrings, while more mobile phones have been made available. Kim Jong-un has also endorsed previously banned foods like pizza, French fries and hamburgers — and given children free trips to zoos and amusement parks.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and his wife, named as Ri Sol-ju, visit the Rungna People's Pleasure Ground in Pyongyang in these undated pictures

kịmongunandwife1A smiling leader and his wife at the amusement park. It has not been confirmed how long the couple have been married

kịmongunandwife2Married: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with Ri Sol-ju, the woman state media have confirmed is his wife

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